Dog owner notices markings on pet’s chest that resemble the pup himself

September 28, 2023

A dog owner noticed an unusual marking on her pup’s chest—and it looked eerily familiar, reports Fox News.

Fran Dickson and her Schnauzer-Bichon mix dog named Murph live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. After Dickson found an unusual spotting on Murph’s fur coat, she took him to the groomer.

Dickson told Jam Press that, while Murph needed a good grooming, she wasn’t expecting to see an uncanny self-portrait on his torso when she picked him up.

“He was very matted and knotty. The groomer had to shave really closely all over,” she said. Dickson recalls that she “burst out laughing” when she saw the result.

Unable to contain her excitement, Dickson immediately showed off Murph’s “new look” to her daughter and husband .

Dickson now has shared the pup’s self-made masterpiece with the world—sensing that Murph would “revel in all the attention.”

Pet lovers everywhere were just as amused as she was by the resemblance of the mark to the pooch. Indeed, Dickson’s Facebook post was filled with reactions from her friends, as well as funny comments about the moment. One user called it a “murph mark,” while another said that on his chest was a “tattoo of himself.”

Research contact: @FoxNews