Created on a dare: This new hot sauce goes in your coffee

August 19, 2022

If you think your cup of coffee is missing a little something extra, might we suggest adding hot sauce? Yes, hot sauce in the morning is no longer limited to putting Tabasco on your eggs, reports Delish.

The idea for the newly launched Ujjo can be traced back to when its founder Lauren D’Souza, based in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area, was dared to drink a cup of coffee spiked with fiery hot sauce. And the dare clearly paid off.

“Putting hot sauce in drinks may seem weird, even though it’s no weirder than putting hot sauce on foods. But to make it work in drinks, you have to do a few things differently,” said D’Souza in a statement.

She added, “I love that by challenging some conventions about what it means to be a hot sauce, we’ve made a condiment that works with something totally unexpected—coffee—but that customers love in other drinks and foods, too.”

For the uncaffeinated among us who don’t drink coffee, Ujjo also works well on plenty of other foods like roasted veggies, breakfast tacos, and ice cream.

Ready to spice things up? Bottles of Ujjo Light Roast and Ujjo Dark Roast can be purchased for $13.59 each at

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