Cookie brand offers delivery boxes with breakup messages ahead of Valentine’s Day: ‘We’re done.’

February 1, 2024

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14—and, this year, a cookie company is offering customers a chance to be single just in time for the holiday.

Insomnia Cookies has announced the release of custom cookie delivery boxes ahead of the holiday to enable customers to break up in a “low-key” fashion with your fling before the day of love arrives, reports Fox Business.

The company, a cookie brand, based in Pennsylvania, is offering a limited-time cookie box called the “It’s Not Me, It’s You” pack.

Upon the package’s arrival, recipients of the box of warm cookies will open the lid to read a special message from the sender.

Options for the message include, “It’s not me, it’s you,” “You’re sweet, but not my taste,” “Have the hots for your roommate,” and “We’re done. Have a nice life.”

Insomnia said in a press release that the cookie delivery messaging is a “very unserious way of ending things, since warm cookies [are] better than a cold heart.”

Brand director Gab Dolceamore told Fox that the company is excited to be launching the limited-edition cookie pack this Valentine’s Day. “Breaking up with your significant other can be a real downer, so we wanted to provide a lighthearted—somewhat unserious—alternative to a text message for insomniacs whose current flings have crumbled,” she said.

The late-night cookie delivery brand started when founder Seth Berkowitz wanted a sweet and warm treat delivered to his dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, according to the brand’s website.

With an idea and a dream, Berkowitz then opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Syracuse, New York, in 2006—and the brand has been growing ever since.

In 2021, Insomnia Cookies opened its 200th store—and plans for a new headquarters in downtown Philadelphia were announced in 2022.

Those interested in sending a breakup box of cookies can purchase them online starting Tuesday, January 30, through Sunday, February 18.

The cupid crusher box is available for a normal 12-pack of cookies; customers can select the type of cookies to include. Insomnia Cookies said there would be an upcharge available for selecting limited-time cookie flavor options.

Research contact: @FoxBusiness