Color me beautiful: Don’t wear this shade on a first date, researchers say

September 23, 2020

It’s the color of any number of good things—the sun, canaries, school buses, corn bread, rubber duckies, lemons, bananas, egg yolks—but it’s definitely not the color you should wear on a first date.

Indeed, findings of a poll conducted by among 1,128 females and 1,232 males across the United Kingdom, wearing the color yellow can instantly make you appear less attractive to a prospective suitor.

Both men and women find yellow to be among the least attractive color options: 39% of men and 31% of women said it was likely to be a sartorial put-off, Best Life reports.

First impressions are superficial, but they have lasting effects on the way in which we are perceived. A 2010 study published in the journalEvolutionary Psychologyfound that men and women both ranked the opposite sex as the least attractive when they were clad in yellow duds.

Plus, a survey conducted by U.K.-based clothing company Buyshirtsonline found that yellow once again ranked near the bottom alongside brown and orange as the color least likely to inspire confidence. Additionally, it was one of the colors that “exudes arrogance,” alongside orange and red.

Finally, would the color of a date’s outfit be sufficient reason to turn down another meeting with that person? Best Life reports that fully 38% of women and 27% of men said yes.

Research contact: @bestlife

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