Coffee, tea, or water? Here’s what your go-to daily drink says about you

March 24, 2022

If a midday slump has you reaching for a pick-me-up, you might want to think twice before choosing coffee. A recent survey of 2,005 Americans focused on people’s beverage choices—and found that, while coffee lovers undoubtedly have the most drive in the morning (65%), only 29% sustain the same level of motivation going into the afternoon, reports Study Finds.

Meanwhile, 41% of those who favor tea claim they retain the same level of get-up-and-go after lunch. What’s more, people who prefer juice (81%) and water (78%) claim to remain productive throughout the day.

As an added benefit, those who mainly drink water also get the best sleep, as 60% say they get between six and eight hours of rest every night, compared to just 42% of those who mainly sip coffee.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the tea brand, Celestial Seasonings, the survey also examined personality differences between coffee and non-coffee drinkers—uncovering that there’s a lot you can learn about someone based on what’s on their cup.

Here’s what your beverage of choice is saying about you:

  • Tea is now a popular choiceamong millennials, who comprise 60% of all Americans who prefer tea. More than one-third (34%) say they turn to tea every day.
  • People who primarily drink water over other beverages say they have lower levels of anxiety and stress (61%).
  • Those who favor tea or coffee are most likely to prioritize their overall health. Indeed, nearly all tea drinkers (93%) place high importance on their health. While 92% of coffee lovers say the same thing, nearly 40% report that their mental health is constantly weighed down by feelings of anxiety or stress (38%). Only 25% of tea drinkers say that they experience those same negative feelings.
  • Twenty-three percent of all respondents also add that tea is their beverage of choice when they want to unwind.

“Tea is having a big moment. We’re seeing a record number of consumers across age groups reach for tea because of its health advantages,” says Tim Collins, VP and general manager for Celestial Seasonings. “More fans help create more innovations like new energy teas and teas with added health benefits like melatonin and probiotics—even a new iced tea cold brew—that are giving coffee a run for its money.”

While 38% turn to energy drinks when they need a pick-me-up, the same number (38%) grab a cup of tea or coffee when they need to re-energize.

That, along with the numerous health benefits, may be the reason why roughly one in five (18%) prefer to start their morning with a cup of tea.

“Whether we’re returning to the office or working from home, we want to feel productive and energized,” Collins continues. “Millennials polled say a simple switch from coffee to tea has the potential to not only sustain that productivity, but also provide multiple benefits.”

Research contact: @StudyFinds