Chicken sneaks past Pentagon security

February 8, 2022

She was a model of ‘pluckiness,’ but apparently she lacked a top secret clearance: A chicken was apprehended on Monday, January 31, in a high-security zone at the Pentagon—surprising the heavily armed guards who protect the seat of the U.S. military machine, reports Gulf News.

There was no explanation of how the fine-feathered hen got there—but, after being cornered and caught in the sub-freezing weather, she was handed over to local animal control officers.

“Our officers were called to come pick her up,” said the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in its Facebook page.

“Sgt Balaena brought her safely to the shelter where she’ll stay until we find a new home for her!” the organization said, posting a picture of the brown-feathered hen in a plastic carrying cage.

The League asked for suggestions for a name, pulling in numerous ideas—among the, “Henny Penny,” and “Colonel Sanders.”

Pentagon security did not offer any explanation for how the chicken made its way into the compound, or whether it posed any particular threat.

“I would check this chicken for bugs… and not the biological kind,” wrote one person on the League’s Facebook page.

What a clustercluck,” wrote the Military Times.

Research contact: @GulfNewsTabloid