Chicago zoo cuts gorilla’s screen time after visitors’ phones prove a distraction

April 21, 2022

In today’s world, people of all ages are addicted to smartphones. But is it only humans who are affected by screen addiction? A report by Times Now News would indicate otherwise.

Indeed, a recent case at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo has proven that even animals are now getting glued to screens.

Indeed, a 16-year-old lowland gorilla at the zoo now is suffering through a screen “time-out” because of his addiction to smartphones.

Amare, who weighs about 400 pounds, was introduced to smartphones a few years ago. He became so fond of staring at the screen that he once failed to notice when a rival gorilla ran up from behind and jumped on him.

The gorilla reportedly became addicted to phones after visitors showed him pictures and videos through the glass divider of his enclosure. Due to the addiction, the zoo staff had to put up a rope to keep people away from the glass partition of Amare’s enclosure.

The zoo now has said that Amare’s screen time is being cut down because he gets distracted by bright displays.

Stephen Ross, the director of the zoo’s Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes, said that the zoo prefers that Amare spends more time with his mates than staring at mobile screens,

“We are growing increasingly concerned that too much of his time is taken looking through people’s photos; we really prefer that he spend much more time with his troop mates learning to be a gorilla,” said Ross.

The primate lives with three other teenage gorillas. All of them are kept apart from a dominant adult male in another enclosure, said reports.

The mobile screen concern became serious after the surprise attack on Amare by the rival gorilla.

The zoo staff said they had to cut down Amare’s screen time so that he doesn’t miss out on important interactions with other gorillas during development.

Research contact: @Timesnownews1