Care home residents recreate iconic album covers

September 8, 2023

The residents at a care home in London have been flexing their creativity and recreating classic album covers—with the most amazing results. Sydmar Lodge, a residential home in North London, invited its residents to play dress-up and imitate the album covers of pop and rock stars, including Adele, Taylor Swift, David Bowie, and Bruce Springsteen, reports Hello Magazine.

Activities coordinator at the home, Robert Speker, wanted to do something to lift the spirits of the residents, who were isolating at the home during lockdown—and the photography project was born. “I want to make their time as happy, and full of enjoyment and interest as possible,” he said.

The series includes Vera, 93, posing as Adele on her best-selling album 21, Martin Steinberg recreating Bruce Springsteen’s classic cover for Born in the USA and Roma Cohen imitating David Bowie’s absolutely iconic album, Aladdin Sane, along with many others.

Robert shared the results on Twitter and received thousands of comments—all from fans who loved the photography series – and urged him to set up a fundraising page for people who loved the pictures to donate to.

“Further to the overwhelming response, I have spoken with the Residents involved with this project and we would like the funds raised to go to a charity,” he wrote on the Go Fund Me fundraising page. He is hoping to raise £5,000 (US$6,241), and will split the donations between Dementia Friends, The Alzheimer’s Society, and Age UK.

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