Burnt offering: Vlasic releases pickle-scented candle in authentic jar for National Pickle Day

November 14, 2022

Pickle lovers can now take their obsession to the next level. Vlasic is set to release a pickle-scented, pickle jar-replica candle for National Pickle Day on Monday, November 14, reports Fox Business.

The pickle company, in partnership with home fragrance and accessories company Candier by Ryan Porter, modeled the candle after a real jar of pickles—and the scent is spot-on, too.

“We saw a huge opportunity to do something really fun and different with Vlasic in celebration of National Pickle Day,” Candier by Ryan Porter founder Krysten Kauder said in a press release.

Creating a pickle jar look-a-like candle that also smells like the real deal, said Kauder, posed “several big challenges.” Chief among those: “Getting the wax pickles to look like they’re floating in clear liquid was really tough,” she said, “so, everything had to be done by hand, including the placement of the pickles and [the] pouring of the wax.”

But in the end, “After lots of rounds of research and testing, our team nailed it and produced a 100% wax candle that looks and smells like a jar of Vlasic pickles.”

Vlasic Brand Marketing Director Brett Castle wrote in a statement that the company is “thrilled” to have partnered with Candier by Ryan Porter to create the “fun and fresh” limited-edition candle.

“It was a no-brainer for us to bring the fun and flavor of Vlasic into homes across the country in celebration of National Pickle Day.”

The Vlasic pickle candle will be available for purchase starting on November 14 on shopryanporter.com for $29.

Research contact: @FoxBusiness