Buildings around the world are reimagined with vibrant floral designs

December 28, 2023

Have you ever imagined your dream house? For some, it may feature a white picket fence and a garden, while others may imagine an urban townhouse. However, French-born and Berkley-based artist Audrey Smit puts her own spin on metropolitan spaces in an ongoing project called Paint the World. This playful series imagines buildings covered in Smit’s whimsical floral designs by photoshopping the prints onto photos of actual structures, reports My Modern Met.

From houses in France to streets in England and Italy, this project travels around the world. Some of the photos are taken by Smit’s friends and fans, while others are captured by Smit herself as she travels.

The colorful designs are pasted onto the exterior of buildings in an amazingly natural fashion, so it seems like these façades have been painted in real life and not just digitally altered. Even though these floral abodes may not actually exist yet, these assemblages let us imagine what it would look like to walk down the sidewalk and see a house that’s unlike any other.

Smit’s art pairs perfectly with these houses, and it’s no surprise. She runs a shop called This Little Street, where her vibrant artwork is sold as wallpaper, art prints, and even clothing. Blooms are usually at the center of her creative practice, which she arranges in an array of interesting and appealing patterns.

You can purchase wallpaper and murals via Smit’s online shop, and check out her book series The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry. Be sure to follow Smit’s Instagram site for the latest updates in Paint the World.

Research contact: @mymodernmet