Breathe easy: Face masks don’t restrict oxygen or contribute to carbon dioxide buildup

Ocrtober 5, 2020

Following a month during which a New York City couple were jailed after refusing to wear face masks on a ferry; and an Ohio middle school mother was tased and arrested for opting not to wear her mask at a football game, researchers have found that face masks neither restrict the levels of oxygen that wearers breathe in, nor contribute to a buildup of carbon dioxide within their folds, Fox News reports..

The study, on the “Effect of Face Masks on Gas Exchange in Healthy Persons and Patients with COPD,” which was published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society on Friday, October 2, was conducted after a group of Florida residents challenged Florida’s mask-wearing mandate in June, arguing that wearing the protective face coverings could result in over-exposure to carbon dioxide.

.Researchers led by Dr. Michael Campos, a pulmonologist with the Miami VA Medical Center and the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, looked at problems with changes in oxygen or carbon dioxide levels in healthy individuals and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) before and while wearing surgical masks.

The small study included 15 military veterans with severe COPD, each with lung function under 50%, and 15 healthy participants. All participants wore masks for 30 minutes and were told to walk for six minutes while wearing the surgical masks. Researchers then gave each participant a blood test and discovered there were no differences in levels of oxygen or carbon dioxide.

“This data find that gas exchange is not significantly affected by the use of surgical mask, even in subjects with severe lung impairment,” Campos said in the study.

Research contact: @FoxNews

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