Bombas bets on footwear with the Friday Slide

April 19, 2024

Marking its first venture into more traditional footwear, Bombas on Tuesday, April 16, launched the Friday Slide sandal, reports Retail Dive.

The slide, which retails for $48, comes in six colors: black, yellow, dark olive, and soft white; as well as coco plum for women and blue for men. The women’s shoes come in sizes 5 to 11, while the men’s come in sizes 7 to 13, according to details emailed to Retail Dive.

The slide is currently available exclusively on Bombas’ website.

After more than a decade, Bombas is moving into traditional footwear. The shoe was designed to emulate the feeling of a “summer Friday”—a lifestyle popularized by millennial and Gen Z consumers, Bombas says. In its campaign coinciding with the product launch, the brand features a wide range of models, spanning generations, to help display that idea.

“Beyond its vintage aesthetic, this campaign taps into a cultural shift, demonstrating that the appeal of the ‘eclectic grandpa/coastal grandma’ transcends age boundaries and resonates with a broader audience,” the company says. “The allure of retired coastal living, where everyday feels like a summer Friday, knows no age limits — it’s a vibe that everyone aspires to.”

The shoe, made from EVA material, is designed to be light and airy, waterproof, supportive, and provide arch support, the company says.

Bombas, which was founded in 2013, became popular for both its socks and philanthropic mission of supporting individuals experiencing homelessness. The company promises to donate an item for every product purchased. To date, it says it has donated over 100 million items to over 3,500 community organizations.

Research contact: @RetailDive