Bodycam video shows Wisconsin deputies responding to driver’s ‘curious’ 911 call about ‘bobcat in my car”

April 24, 2023

Deputies in Wisconsin responded to an unusual call on Tuesday night, April 18, after a driver reported that a bobcat was inside his car and refused to leave, reports Fox News.

“Numerous deputies were curious” when they heard the radio dispatcher describe the call and responded to the driver’s location, Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas wrote on Facebook.

Lukas said that the three deputies were “shocked” when they arrived and found a live bobcat wedged inside the vehicle’s front grille.

“My deputies are really good at solving problems but this one baffled them, so we called in reinforcements with Conservation Warden Bryan Lockman,” Lukas wrote.

The Sheriff’s Office shared a two-minute bodycam video showing the warden and deputies working to remove the big cat from the driver’s car.

“That is a big paw,” one of the responders can be heard saying.

The warden eventually wrangled the bobcat with his catch pole and—with the help of a deputy who drew back the broken grille—pulled the feline out.

The bobcat did not appear happy about getting dragged out of its hiding place. The big cat twisted, turned, and flipped through the air as the warden, in one swift motion, pulled the animal from the car’s grille and into the bed of a pickup truck.

The bobcat was then safely returned to the wild, the Sheriff’s Office said. “All in a day’s work at the Portage County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin [Department of Natural Resources],” Lukas wrote.

Research contact: @FoxNews