Black Panther appeals to most moviegoers, and especially to those of color

February 15, 2018

The public premiere tomorrow of the movie, Black Panther, follows months of buildup and excitement. Indeed, it promises to be one of Marvel’s most-watched films, based on findings of a poll released on February 12 by YouGov Omnibus.

The movie centers around black heroes, heroines, and villains—led led by Chadwick Boseman as the first non-white superhero to get his own standalone movie in the lucrative Marvel franchise.

Over two-thirds of Americans (68%) report that they have heard something about Black Panther; 30% of adults plan to see it in the theater—and over half (55%) say intend to view the film at some point.

And the numbers are higher among the U.S. black population: More than eight in ten (83%) report that they have heard about the movie, over half (52%) say they’ll be buying tickets to watch the movie in theaters, and nearly three-quarters (74%) state they’ll watch the movie at some point.

The movie is so highly anticipated for its impact on black culture that A-lister Octavia Spencer intends to buy a movie theater in order to ensure that underserved children in Mississippi “can see themselves as a superhero.”

Black Panther appears to resonate with Hispanics and other minorities, too. Nearly seven in ten Hispanics (68%) and other minorities (73%) report being aware of the upcoming movie. Among the same groups, a majority of Hispanics (63%) and minorities (57%) intend to watch Black Panther at some point.

Black Panther already has surpassed every other Marvel movie in first-day advanced ticket sales.

Black Panther emerged as the first superhero of African descent in mainstream American comics in 1966. The comics recently have surged in readership and are especially popular among Millennials—23% of whom have read at least a few Black Panther comics. Black Americans also report a high rate of readership (24%).

Of the 15% of Americans who say they read Black Panther comics, more than three-quarters (77%) plan to see the movie in theaters and 94% say they’ll watch it at some point.

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