Bidens welcome new puppy to the White House

December 22, 2021

The White House has a new, four-legged resident. President Joe Biden introduced the newest member of his family, a German Shepherd puppy named Commander, on Instagram (#firstdogs) on Monday, December 20, reports HuffPost.

“Welcome to the White House, Commander,” the post read.

The three-month-old pup was a birthday gift to the president from his brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden, the first lady’s Press Secretary Michael LaRosa told CNN. Biden turned 79 on November 20.

Commander was born on September 1 and arrived at his new home Monday afternoon, CNN noted.

The Bidens originally moved into the White House with two German Shepherds. One of them, Champ, died in June at the age of 13. The other, a three-year-old rescue named Major, was sent home to Delaware for training after two biting incidents following his arrival earlier this year.

“After consulting with dog trainers, animal behaviorists, and veterinarians, the First Family has decided to follow the experts’ collective recommendation that it would be safest for Major to live in a quieter environment with family friends,” LaRosa said in a statement to media. “This is not in reaction to any new or specific incident, but rather a decision reached after several months of deliberation as a family and discussions with experts.”

A cat also will join the family in January, he said.

Research contact: @HuffPost