Biden, DeSantis pause political disputes to highlight hurricane response

October 7, 2022

President Joe Biden joined a top political rival, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, in assessing damage from Hurricane Ian on Wednesday, October 5—setting disagreements aside as the governor repeatedly thanked the Administration for its support, reports The Wall Street Journal.

 “I think we’ve worked as well across state, local, and federal of any disaster that I’ve seen,” said DeSantis; who is widely viewed as a possible challenger to Biden, if he seeks reelection in 2024. “We are cutting through the red tape, and that’s from local government, state government all the way up to the president, so we appreciate the team effort.”

 Biden said unprecedented resources have been devoted to the recovery and damaged areas would come out better. “We have very different political philosophies, but we worked hand-in-glove,” Biden said of DeSantis.

 DeSantis and his wife, Casey, joined Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for a briefing in Fort Myers, Florida, shaking hands with them before spending several minutes walking around and separately meeting with residents who had been affected by the hurricane. The governor stood behind Biden when the president delivered remarks. Biden also took an aerial tour of the damage without DeSantis present.

Hurricane Ian has resulted in dozens of deaths and left thousands without power or water, with estimates putting the economic damage at well over $100 billion.

 Research contact: @WSJ