Animal house: When Utah couple bids on new home, the deal includes the seller’s cat

December 13, 2022

A Utah couple and their new cat have gone viral on TikTok after it was revealed the feline was included in their recent purchase of a new home, reports Fox News.

Tori Taillac, an aesthetic physician assistant in Salt Lake City, and her fiancé, Alex Kravets, moved into their new place last month. Eagerly awaiting them was Loki, an adventurous, outdoorsy feline who began courting the soon-to-be married couple when they first toured the home, Tilliac said.

“Most people ask for money or appliances during the seller concessions phase of buying a home—instead we asked for one of their cats,” Taillac posted on TikTok with the song, So This Is Love,  playing over the video.

“We are completely smitten with the grumpiest-looking but sweetest cat I have ever met.”

Loki wasn’t actually part of the contract —but it might be fair to say he helped sweeten the deal. Tilliac, a recent transplant from Washington, D.C., told Fox News Digital that she and Kravets had been searching for a house with a mountain view, but several homes they liked slipped away.

Then, one day, a house popped up via a cell phone alert as the couple was driving back from seeing their upcoming wedding venue, Tilliac said. “We called our realtor and she was able to get us in 30 minutes after it was listed,” she said. “We went straight there and just loved it.”

As they were touring the house—and taking in the view of the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains—a friendly cat followed them outside through the sliding glass door, Talliac said.

“He rolled onto his back, looking for rubs,” Taillac said. “So, I’m all into petting this cat—and that night we made an offer on the home.”

The seller accepted their offer. About one week later, during the walk-through with the owner, Taillac was hardly able to concentrate on details like the sprinkler system and electrical outlets, she recalled. “I was just playing with the cat,” she said, adding, “I made a joke when he mentioned that he was going to leave us an air purifier. I said, ‘You can leave us a cat, too. I love your cat.’”

The owner’s ears perked up because he said he’d been worried about moving his young cat Loki to a smaller home after the cat was used to having more space, Taillac said.”He said he thought Loki would prefer to stay in this house because he [the owner] was going to be downsizing,” Taillac said. “He [Loki] loves to be outside and he is always chasing lizards.

“After the home’s inspection, the couple asked for some money back for certain repairs, Taillac said. “On [the seller’s] counter offer to ours, he dropped the price down,” Taillac said. “But he said, ‘I’ll include the cat and the air purifiers.’”

Taillac’s realtor, Crystal Richardson of Chapman Richards and Associates of Salt Lake City, said she has never had a cat listed as part of a real estate addendum before. “I’ve been doing this for 34 years,” Richardson told Fox News Digital. “I’ve had people ask for a lot of strange things — but never a cat.”

Loki is already making friends with the couple’s seven-year-old dog, Marcus—an active half Shiba-half mini Australian shepherd. So far, it’s been interesting, Taillac said.

While many viewers fell in love with Loki’s story, Taillac said she has received some negative comments, mostly from TikTok users who did not understand how someone could give up a pet.

“That would be like asking for one of my children,” one commenter said.

“I would never leave one of my kitties or pup as a negotiation chop … They are my babies,” another person said.

Taillac said she feels that the seller did not intend on abandoning his pet. “I think he was doing what he thought was best for the cat,” Taillac said, adding, “We asked [if we could keep Loki] more in a joking manner and in no way was the sale of the house contingent upon our getting the cat.”

Research contact: @FoxNews