America’s 100 most obese cities revealed—and the top ten have something in common

March 18, 2024

A new report has determined that America’s ten most overweight cities are bottom-heavy—located entirely in the South, that is, reports the New York Post.

Researchers from WalletHub analyzed obesity statistics nationwide42% of Americans struggle with their weight—along with additional factors like health consciousness and diet to create the findings, which determined the country’s 100 most obese locales.

A small city on the southern tip of Texas near Mexico, has been ranked the most obese in the United States, followed by nine other southerly burgs (see below):

  1.  McAllen, Texas
  2. Jackson, Mississippi
  3. Shreveport, Louisiana
  4. Mobile, Alabama
  5. Little Rock, Arkansas
  6. Knoxville, Tennessee
  7. Memphis, Tennessee
  8. Lafayette, Louisiana
  9. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  10. Chattanooga, Tennessee

The first entries on the list from the Northeast were Scranton, Pennsylvania, at 44; Providence, Rhode Island, at 47; and Hartford, Connecticut, at 56. Meanwhile,

New York City, wound up in the latter half of the rundown, coming in at 88.

In the New England states, New Haven ,Connecticut, landed at 68; while Springfield, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine, were 73 and 75, respectively. Bridgeport, Connecticut, ranked 80th; with Worcester, Massachusetts, following close by at 86.

As for major cities nationwide, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was 13; New Orleans, Louisiana, 17; Dallas, Texas, 25; Detroit, Michigan, 34; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, 42 and 46, respectively; and Charlotte, North Carolina, closed out the top 50.

Major metros that dot the list’s latter half include Las Vegas, Nevada, at 57; Baltimore, Maryland at 63; Los Angeles, 74; Washington, D.C., 82; Chicago, 84; and Boston, 98;

As far as dieting and exercise are concerned, residents may not be as heedless in Seattle: The Pacific Northwest outpost eked out the last-place finish at 100.

Research contact: @nypost