Americans would rather inherit a pet from a loved one than a car

November 28, 2023

Americans would rather inherit a pet from a loved one than a car, according to new research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Trust & Will, reports SWNS Digital.

A poll of 2,000 U.S. adults has revealed that the top assets respondents would like to inherit one day are a house or property (65%), followed by their four-legged friends (59%), and money (58%). A little more than half (53%) would like to be passed down collectibles or a car.

Even so, the researchers learned, as many as one-third (32%) of Americans haven’t considered what happens to their assets when they die. As for the others, a similar number of respondents both have a will (45%) or are included in someone else’s estate plan (46%).

Half (51%) expect to inherit something from a loved one when they pass, and results revealed that respondents prefer valuable heirlooms to sentimental ones (44% vs 27%). When asked the most sentimental thing they’d either want or have inherited from a loved one, responses varied from “My dad’s ring,” to “my mother’s watch,” or “a coin from my father that was very important and personal to him.”

Two in five respondents admit that they’d be jealous of family members who inherited more than they did.

And it seems that the old saying “you can’t take it with you,” might have lost some appeal; respondents would rather save their money for future generations than spend it all when they’re alive (47% vs 30%).

For others, it goes much deeper.  “Photographs of my family and the special moments I can go look at to remind of a simpler time and the moments of good memories.”

Research contact: @SWNS