Americans decry Trump’s axing of Tillerson by tweet

March 23, 2018

Americans are more riled up than usual about President Donald Trump’s reliance on Twitter —and even Republicans are remonstrating, based on findings of an Economist/YouGov poll released on March 21.

Feelings seem to have been exacerbated, the pollsters said, when President Trump used a tweet to inform former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on March 13 that he would be replaced by current Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo.

The percentage of Republicans who believed that the President’s  use of Twitter was “appropriate” dropped 10 points in the week after Trump’s tweet was sent, YouGov said. Overall assessment dropped six points in that period.

The actual tweet, when evaluated by the YouGov Tweetindex the day after the President sent it, received typically poor grades from Democrats and reasonably good ones from Republicans, with Independents tilting slightly negative.

However, when asked directly over the weekend following the dismissal about the firing via Twitter, the vast majority of the public—Republicans and Democrats alike—expressed dismay: overall, just 9% found the firing method appropriate, 69% did not. Republicans agreed that the firing by Twitter was inappropriate, 59% to 16%.


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