‘All bodies are beach bodies’: Spain’s Equality Ministry launches summer campaign

July 29, 2022

Spain’s Equality Ministry (Ministerio de Igualdad) has launched a creative summer campaign, encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to hit the beach, with the slogan: “Summer is ours too,” reports The Guardian

The colorful campaign’s promotional image features five women of different body types, ages and ethnicities enjoying a day in the sun. “Summer is ours too,” it says. “Enjoy it how, where and with whomever you want.” The campaign also features a woman who has had a mastectomy topless.

“All bodies are beach bodies,” said Ione Belarra, the leader of the United Podemos party, who serves as Social Rights Minister in Spain’s Socialist-led coalition government. “All bodies are valid and we have the right to enjoy life as we are, without guilt or shame. Summer is for everyone!”

Antonia Morillas, head of the Spanish Women’s Institute and the organization behind the initiative, said physical expectations affected women’s self-esteem and denied them their rights.

“Diverse bodies, free of gender stereotypes, occupying all spaces. Summer also belongs to us. Free, equal, and diverse,” she tweeted on Wednesday, July 27, alongside an image from the campaign.

The Women’s Institute said: “Today we toast a summer for all, without stereotypes and aesthetic violence against our bodies.”

When left-wing leader Cayo Lara said the campaign was absurd and trying to “create a problem where it doesn’t exist”, Podemos hit back in a tweet with: “If bodies bother you, you can stay home tweeting.”

Research contact: @guardian