‘After the Fire’ is stunning winner of the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year contest

November 9, 2023

Photographer Mik Dogherty has been named UK Landscape Photographer of the Year for his haunting photo, After the Fire, which he captured in the New Forest National Park in southern England. The photo freezes a dramatic moment in time, as Dogherty notes that regeneration has already begun, and these burnt remnants are no longer visible, reports My Modern Met.

“For many, there has been a series of deeply rooted multidimensional emotional responses to this winning LPOTY 2023 photograph, all of which may be triggered by thoughts of ‘otherworldly’ to ‘dawn of time’ or perhaps the frightening counter-response of ‘the end of time,’ ” shares awards founder Charlie Waite. “The tangled and stark reminder of what was once a beautiful and intimate wood perhaps brings forth a feeling of ‘profound environmental alarm’ and numerous other responses.

“We will all know, of course, that a still image has the potential to have a very considerable and powerful effect on our emotional interpretation of it and—perhaps over and above all of the thoughts discussed—there remains one overwhelming response, which is the sheer striking beauty of this photograph which transports us to a place of transcendent emotional experience.”

Now in its 15th year, the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year is a showcase for Britain’s natural environment. Open to photographers around the globe, all of the entries have been taken in the UK at some point in the past five years.

All of the winners will see their work included in the Landscape Photographer of the Year book, as well as a traveling exhibition that makes its way across the country.

Research contact: @mymodernmet