Absent the truth, Trump team claims that Dems want to scare GOP voters away from absentee balloting

September 28, 2020

Robocalls sent by Trump surrogates Kimberly Guilfoyle and the President’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump are encouraging Republican voters to use absentee ballots to vote in November, calling them one of the “best ways” to support President Trump in the coming election, CNN reports.

In their phone scripts, Guilfoyle and Trump  attempt to draw a false distinction between absentee voting and other forms of mail-in voting. Guilfoyle’s call goes so far as to claim the “radical left” wants to “confuse you” on mail-in voting and that “Democrats want to scare you away from voting absentee.”

“Absentee voting and universal vote-by-mail may sound similar but could not be more different,” says Guilfoyle. “Absentee voting is safe, secure and supported by President Trump. The radical left wants universal vote-by-mail, which is proven to be filled with fraud, abuse and mistakes.”

None of those assertions about vote-by-mail is true.

Trump’s daughter-in-law uses a similar script in her robocall, encouraging listeners to fill out the absentee ballot sent to voters from the Trump campaign, before accusing “radical Democrats” of playing politics during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to data from NoMoRobo, an anti-robocall protection app, the Lara Trump robocall, delivered via dozens of different phone numbers, was made 53.8 million times nationwide in September, alone.

The data show that calls were focused on key battleground election states, including Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Florida. A large number of calls were also made into Texas and Virginia.

Data for the Guilfoyle robocall was not immediately available.

CNN notes that, both robocalls “are littered with misinformation”–adding that experts say there is little difference between absentee ballots and voting-by-mail.

“There is no evidence that voting by mail leads to widespread fraud and abuse,” CNN points out..  “It is also false to suggest that Democrats prefer universal voting-by-mail to absentee ballots.”

Research contact: @CNN

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