A dermatologist warns that ‘your life is at risk’ if you don’t wash these three body parts

October 11,  2023

Failing to shower properly can leave you with a potentially fatal infection, according to a dermatologist, reports the New York Post.

Pittsburgh-based Lindsey Zubritsky—who calls herself the Dermguru on TikTok—says that there are three parts of your body you’re probably not washing enough.

Listen up: spot number one is behind the ear.  If you put your finger behind your ear and “you notice an odor to it or you feel something, you should be washing it more,” Zubritsky cautioned, explaining that dandruff, sebum and other head-based build-ups often collect there.

The second most neglected spot is the belly button—and what happens if you don’t clean it may be difficult to stomach. If neglected, the belly button can develop an omphalolith, also known as a navel stone.

“This is a super common area to collect sweat, debris, dirt buildup,” Zubritsky says. “In fact, if you’re not cleaning it enough, you’ll have so much debris and dirt in there that you’ll develop a navel stone.”

Lastly, you’re merely scraping by on hygiene if you’re not regularly washing underneath your nails. “When you’re showering, you really need to get under those nails with a scrub brush to get rid of the dirt, debris, and buildup,” she explains.

Not cleaning those three areas properly could mean you are a carrier of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a bacteria that is resistant to several antibiotics. Untreated MRSA infections can lead to sepsis, the body’s extreme — and sometimes deadly — response to an infectionaccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The symptoms of MRSA infection can include swelling, warmth, redness, and pain.

“If you keep getting bacterial infections on the skin, you could be a colonizer of MRSA in those areas,” Zubritsky warns. 

Meanwhile, her followers took to the comments section of her video to thank her and tell her about their own cleaning habit:.

  • “Every day I’m reminded I’m cleaner than most ppl,” one gloated.
  • “I was floored to see how many ppl did not wash their belly button … found out the hard way as an OR nurse,” another lamented.

And Zubritsky isn’t the only person encouraging her TikTok followers to improve their bathing habits. Last year, Sewell, New Jersey-based family practice physician Dr. Jen Caudle shared the five body parts people aren’t washing enough. She included Zubritsky’s three spot—and also told people not to neglect washing their legs as well as their toes.

Research contact: @nypost