A Danish startup offers underwear you can wear for weeks without washing

December 26, 2018

Only four men in their twenties would have come up with this concept: Underpants that don’t need to be washed for weeks.

What’s more, these undergarments work so well at repelling dirt and disgusting smells that even Mom would approve (considering you might end up in an emergency room someday).

That’s right. Four Danish innovators created a company in 2015 called Organic Basics—and it’s not about sloughing off on basic chores, like doing the wash. Instead, their innovative, continuously wearable, organic cotton garments are infused with a silver formula coating designed to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and odor—and to make frequent washing noncompulsory.

“It works. You can wear our underwear much longer before washing. You save time and money while we reduce the waste of water and energy,” 27-year-old CEO and Co-founder Mads Fibiger explains.

The team came up with SilverTech after one year of research, they explain on their website: “By spinning sustainably sourced silver thread directly into our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, we were able to create heat-regulating, antibacterial, odorless underwear, socks, and tee-shirts that could be worn for longer before washing.

“SilverTech became the most crowdfunded fashion campaign in Scandinavia, so we knew very quickly that we were onto something,” they say. “Our women’s SilverTech collection launched the following year and received a similar amount of hype.”

And now, Organic Basics is back with a new generation, Silvertech 2.0—or SilverTech Active. “With SilverTech Active, the founders say, “we simply believe that working out shouldn’t hold you back.

The new underwear is made from sweat-wicking recycled nylon infused with the sustainable silver treatment Polygiene for odor control.  The safe, bluesign-approved treatment is made from recycled electronic, industrial, and photographic silver waste. It uses low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride) to keep the fabric fresh.

“We use mechanically recycled nylon which is extremely sustainable as a textile choice. The nylon’s raw material is made from mechanically recycled nylon developed in Italy from post-industrial waste fiber, yarn from spinning factories, and waste from weaving mills. And we use a seamless knitting technology—making the garment comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time.”

According to an article by Business Insider, Organic Brands is betting on a younger generation of consumers to choose their sustainable underwear over iconic brands like Calvin Klein and Diesel.

And time seems to be on their side. A 2015 study from Nielsen shows that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for a sustainable brand, and among Millennials that number is even higher, 73%.

The underwear is not cheap, so it’s a good thing that these garments are long-lasting: A two-pack of SilverTech Boxers for men costs $64 while a two-pack of Thong for women goes for $56. So far, the company has sold more than 200,000 underwear products to approximately 50,000 customers.

Research contact: christoffer@organicbasics.com

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