99% of UK women want to ban the ‘budgie smuggler’ at the beach

June 22, 2018

When it comes to swimwear, women don’t want TMI (too much information) from men at the beach. Specifically, a survey of 1,000 British vacationers by the UK-based travel booker On the Beach has found that only 1% of women want to see their partner wearing a Speedo at the shore, with more than half (51%) saying they prefer to see guys wearing swim shorts instead.

The study results, posted on June 14 by The Daily Mail UK, also confirmed that British men don’t want to let it all hang out: Just 2% choose to wear the so-called “budgie smugglers” in public.

However, it is no surprise that the survey found that the bikini continues to reign supreme as the most-appreciated choice of swimwear by both women and men. More than half of women (51%) go for a bikini on the beach, and more than one-third of men (38%) named the two-piece as the beachwear option they’d choose for their partner.

However, the return of the one-piece swimsuit continues, with 27% of women now opting for more coverage during their summer break (while only 13% of men think it’s a good choice). More than one in ten women (12%) opted for a tankini—and 5% prefer to wear a kaftan on the beach.

Alan Harding, director o Marketing at On the Beach, said: ‘People should ,of course, wear whatever they feel most comfortable in, [but] our survey shows that those planning on wearing super snug Speedos … might be few and far between, with their popularity waning amongst both men and women.

A spokesperson for Speedo defended tight swimming trunks, telling the news outlet, “’Originally designed in the 1960s to reduce drag, support, and provide freedom of movement for competitive swimmers, the Speedo brief has become an iconic silhouette that transcends both the sports and fashion world.

‘While the Speedo brief continues to be adopted and loved by swimmers all over the world, Speedo has a much wider range of swimwear that appeals to all tastes and offers different levels of body coverage. ‘Today, the most popular Speedo swimwear style for men in the UK is, in fact, the Watershort.’As the world’s leading swimwear brand, and in this our 90th year, Speedo’s goal is to inspire people to swim and enjoy the water and there’s a Speedo swimsuit for all levels of swimmer and swimming ability.’

Research contact: onthebeach.co.uk

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