71% of Americans say music has helped them through hard times

December 12, 2017

Feeling out of sorts? Maybe you could use a “tune-up.” Music has long been hailed for having therapeutic value—and it turns out that the vast majority of Americans agree, according to survey findings released this week by YouGov.

Overall, 71% of 5,656 U.S. adults polled on December 5 said that music has helped them through a difficult time in their lives. Only 14% disagreed.

What’s more,those results seem to hold true across a number of demographics. Politically, 78% of Democrats, 70% of Republicans, and 68% of Independents agreed that “Music hath charms that soothe the save breast.”

Among men and women, 70% and 72%, respectively, turn on tunes to cheer themselves up. And across U.S. regions, 73% of those in the Northeast, 70% of Midwesterners, 69% of Southerners and 74 percent of respondents on the West Coast are calmed by a chorus of some meaningful song.

Finally, it doesn’t matter how much you make: Music still helps make a bad day better. Among those who earn under $40K, 71% agree that music is good therapy; of those who make between $40K and $80K, the number is 79%—and among those who make $80K or more, that number rises to 75%.

Research contact: Gregory.McCarriston@yougov.com

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