69% of U.S. voters oppose government shutdown

January 17, 2018

President Donald Trump may trigger a government shutdown on Friday night, January 19—viewing the withdrawal of authority for spending on all federal services as an opportunity “to be seen as a political badass by his … base,” according to an opinion piece in the January 15 edition of Forbes magazine.

“Given the various firestorms that have occurred just this past week,” writes Forbes contributor Stan Collender—referring to “the book, the remark about Haiti and African countries and the hush money paid to a porn star”—“Trump may want to reassure his base that he is still very much in charge by refusing to sign even a simple, clean and short-term extension of the current continuing resolution.”

What’s more, the POTUS is still demanding the wall at the border with Mexico that was a driver of his 2016 campaign. The wall is estimated to cost about $21.6 billion and take more than three years to complete, Reuters reports—and it is the one issue that will prompt the Trump base to support the shutdown..

However, the majority of Americans will not be happy about it: Politico and Morning Consult released survey results just before Labor Day showing that 69% of U.S. registered voters said they believed that members of Congress should “take all necessary steps” to stop a shutdown over the federal budget if possible.

Three-quarters of the nearly 2,000 respondents nationwide said a government shutdown would make them “very” or “somewhat” concerned.

However, that’s with the caveat mentioned above. If the shutdown were to impel the U.S. Congress to fund the wall, then Trump’s based will go for it: When reminded about the wall, more than half (51%) of GOP voters said they “strongly” or “somewhat” supported a shutdown.

Stay tuned.

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