68% of Americans agree that teachers should earn more

April 5, 2018

As teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma strike over higher pay and benefits this week, the American public is backing their efforts, based on findings of a CBS News poll released on April 2.

In fact, 68% of Americans say teachers in their communities are paid too little, while about 20% think they are paid the right amount, and a mere 5% say they are paid too much, CBS News reports.

While majorities across all regions of the country think teachers are paid too little, more respondents from the South (76%) and West (72%) agree strongly, compared to Americans living in the Northeast (60%) and Midwest (58%).

Among younger Americans, ages 18 through 30, the sentiment is the strongest, at 80%.

Fewer seniors hold this view (55%), but still a majority. Similar percentages of parents with children under 18 (69%) and Americans without children that age (67%) believe that teachers in their communities are underpaid.

Across the political spectrum, majorities of Republicans, Democrats and Independents agree that teachers are paid too little, but Democrats (77%) and Independents (69%) are more likely to say this than are Republicans (54%).

Research contact: @CBSNews

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