40% of Americans would have sex with a robot, at least once

April 30, 2018

Fully 40% of Americans say that they would have sex with a robot at least once—“just to try it”—based on findings of a poll of 2,000 U.S. adults released by Georgia-based Eden Fantasys and posted on the SWNS website on April 27.

However, an adventurous (or desperate) 16% of respondents are “all in”—saying they would have sex with a robot “frequently.” And male respondents were 21% more likely to say they were ready for the experience.

Shockingly, 16% of respondents admitted that they would rather  have sex with a robot than with a real human. Some 13% even said that they would prefer to date a robot.

The survey went on to ask people how much they’d pay for their ideal sex robot, and found that the average American would pay an astonishing $1,666 for the sexbot of his or her dreams, with men willing to fork over an extra $560 more than women.

So, what is that ideal sexbot exactly? The study went on to explore that idea—finding that 41% of Americans would prefer their sexbot to be capable of talking, creating memories and having sentience.

And while there was overwhelming agreement that a realistically human-looking sexbot would be preferred, there were still a curious 4% of respondents who said they would rather have sex with a robot that looked more like a traditional robot.

 “Robots are entering human spaces everywhere and, as the research shows, sex will not be an exception,” said Fred Petrenko of  . “Creating a perfect sexbot will be a huge challenge both scientifically and commercially. But we are still a few years away yet.”

Bringing up a slightly dystopian predicament: if your partner has sex with a robot, would that be considered cheating? According to 30 percent of Americans, the answer is yes. And even more (53%) would consider it cheating if the robot were physically attractive and had its own personality.

Research contact: jack.peat@swns.com

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