25% of U.S. workers have had a boss whose major illness affected the company

January 31, 2018

One-quarter (25%) of U.S. employees have worked with an executive who became severely ill and whose ailment affected the company’s business or productivity; based on findings of a poll by HealthMine, a Dallas-based health intelligence firm, released on January 25.

The HealthMine 2018 Rising Risk Survey queried 500 full-time U.S. employees ages 26 to 64 who currently are enrolled in a healthcare plan sponsored by their employers. The survey was fielded by Research Now SSI.

The survey results highlight the importance of identifying key managers and implementing contingency and succession plans, should these employees suddenly become sick, HealthMine said.

“Chances are people who are most important to a company’s success are working 50- or 60-hour weeks and could be neglecting their own personal health,” said HealthMine CEO Bryce Williams.

“As a result [of this neglect],” Williams points out, “many have one or more diseases and do not know it. This is important because the health status of key employees is a major component of a company’s risk profile. Failing to intervene early, or to plan for illness, can have a detrimental impact on the performance of the business.

“That such a high percentage of employees have found themselves in situations in which executive illness has created problems for their company suggests there is more work to be done in coming to terms with the risk.”

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