‘2024 Irish Farmer Calendar’ unveils quirky photos of shirtless men with adorable animals

Septembr 29, 2023

With the end of 2023 quickly approaching, it’s nearly time to start thinking about getting a new calendar. For those who want an entertaining series of 12 photos to get them through the year—complete with cute animals and shirtless men—the 2024 Irish Farmer Calendar is available now.

The newest edition of this beloved classic features the “fan favorites” from the calendar’s 13-year history in celebration of the project’s wide-reaching success, reports My Modern Met.

Opening the calendar reveals a new farmer for each month. Some of these men are captured cuddling rabbits or goats, while others pose seductively amidst a curated agricultural setting. These images include fellas from Cork, Wexford, Dublin, Roscommon, Tipperary, and Kilkenny.

“This year the calendar is a special edition of Fan Favorites featuring images from the last 13 years shot in locations over six counties and featuring the work of four talented photographers,” the team says. “So far, this has gone down a treat with fans and we see new orders coming in every day from all over the world. It is great to see the calendar still has universal appeal in its 14th year.”

These playful photos encapsulate some of the most charming aspects of agricultural life. Not only are there plenty of animals, but there are haystacks, beautiful greenery, and rustic houses.

“Variety is important. Hence, why we connected with many different farms over the years,” Ciara Ryan, creator of the Irish Farmer Calendar, explains. “All of the farms we worked with were extremely helpful during our photoshoots, for which we will be forever grateful for making the calendar what it is today. It really is a team effort as a lot of work and planning goes into the calendar behind the scenes.”

The calendar’s continued popularity is not only due to its human and animal models—but also its whimsical and oftentimes humorous compositions.

“Ireland can be viewed by many, and rightly so, as a romantic setting with 40 shades of green, a friendly nation who are known for their céad míle fáilte, which is Irish for ‘one hundred thousand welcomes,’” Ryan adds.

The final fan-favorite images were chosen based on the reception they received on social media; and, scrolling through the collection, it is easy to see why they’ve become so popular.

You can purchase the 2024 Irish Farmer Calendar via their website for €12.99 (or about $13.74).

Research contact: @mymodernmet