21% of men hang no art on their walls

April 3, 2018

In an era when The Art of the Deal has been touted extensively by the president, that seems to be the only fine art in which Americans are taking an interest:  Based on findings of a survey of 892 U.S. adults released on March 27 by YouGov Omnibus , 19% of Americans—21% of men and 17% of women—say they have no artwork on the walls of their homes.

For the 79% who do have art in their homes, photographs (53%) and paintings (52%) are the most common decorative arts, with more than half of these Americans saying they have at least one of these hanging on their walls. These are followed in popularity by drawings (23%), posters (20%), wall hangings (13%), maps (11%), signs (10%), mixed media (9%), masks (6%), and other art (6%).

Logically enough, older Americans are more likely to have amassed a collection of artwork. Among U.S. adults age 55+, 62% have at least one photograph on view and 61% have a painting.

Posters are displayed by younger, more aspirational Americans. Fully 32% of Millennials have a poster on their wall, compared to 13% of those 55+.

Fewer than half of the Millennials who have art on their walls have purchased any of it. 44% said they had received art has a gift, while 36% said they displayed art that they had made/produced themselves.

Meanwhile, 15%  of Millennials said the art on their walls was there when they moved in, compared with only 2% of Americans 35 and over.

Research contact: Elise.Czajkowski@yogov.com

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