16% of Britons have eaten the same lunch for two years

April 23, 2018

If we are what we eat, as many people believe, then 16% of Britons are consistent and dependable—and maybe just a little bit “hammy,” or theatrical, based on findings of a recent poll conducted by New Covent Garden Soup.

In fact, in a poll of 2,000 British adults, one in six respondents admitted that they had eaten the same lunch every day for at least two years—attributing their constancy to a lack of inspiration and the need to save money.

The humble ham sandwich tops the list of most common repeat lunches, the pollsters found, followed by cheese and chicken sandwiches, baguettes, and salad. Egg sandwiches, pasta and baked potatoes also count among their lunchtime staples, The Telegraph reports.

What’s more, 58% of respondents said they had eaten identical meals for as long as they can remember.

One respondent revealed he had eaten a ham sandwich and a piece of fruit every day since he started work 20 years ago.

It is, perhaps, not surprising then that the survey also found 81% of people were bored by their lunch choices.

Dr. Becky Spelman, a food psychologist and director of a private clinic on Harley Street, said people who picked the same thing each day were at risk of not getting a wide enough array of nutrients.

“Most of us wouldn’t want to always go on holidays to the same place, so why keep eating the same meal, day after day?” she said.

Research contact: @NewCoventGarden

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